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How it Works!

Use UniteMe to check out great offers from local businesses. Buy vouchers that you can redeem for awesome products and services, then, we will donate a portion of what you spend to a local non-profit organization!

Find incredible deals, up to 90% off, and earn big donations for local causes by sharing with your friends and letting them know what you’re doing to give back. As more people buy, the donation amount increases!

Redeem your voucher with the merchant and enjoy a great discount while we make a donation on your behalf!

What is UniteMe?

UniteMe is a fun and easy way to earn big donations for your favorite causes, all while doing the things you love to do. You can shop at your favorite stores and eat at your favorite restaurants, all while donating a portion of your purchase to a local non-profit organization.

What is Unite Me?
How does it work Unite Me?

How Does it Work?

When you buy a voucher from a local business through UniteMe, or one of our partners, we will donate a portion of what you spend the selected Cause of the Day . You can then share with friends to help reach our fundraising goal. As more people buy, the donation amount increases!

Who We Support

UniteMe is dedicated to supporting local 501(c)3 non-profit organizations. This means they have received tax-exempt status and are recognized as legitimate organizations that work toward making a meaningful social impact. Why local non-profits? We believe that you should be empowered to directly support your own community every time you use UniteMe, and it is our local non-profits that truly need your help to continue the important work they are doing to change lives.

Who we support
What's your cause?

Our Progress Bar

Our progress bar tracks the amount of money that has been raised for charity for each deal listed on UniteMe. Each deal shows what percentage of your purchase will be donated to the Cause of the Day. Remember to share with friends so we can reach our fundraising goal!

Giving Made Easy

Our mission is to make giving fun and easy! We all want to help change the world and make an impact on the lives of others. The trouble is we don’t always have the extra money to give, or the time to volunteer. Now, with UniteMe, you can continue doing the things you love to do while giving back at the same time!

Giving Made Easy

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